List of top 10 Best Beaches in Bali

Bali can hardly be called an ideal place for a beach holiday only but also for its art, cultural and modern dance, sculpture, music and beaches. Let’s not forget that tourists come to Bali for a unique fusion of culture that combines rituals, dance, theater, crafts and nature which gathered sea coast and formidable volcanoes on a small plot of land, first-class surf sites, yoga and meditation centers. The lively atmosphere, sense of freedom is what brings people from all over the world. Bali is-still- beyond beautiful if you know where you have to look.

Further to this, there are watersports happening all around the beaches so you can spend some time trying your hand on some adventure and fun filled activities.

To add to your joy, you will come across a thousand of Gift shops and you will definitely find something that you’d like to take back home with you for yourself and loved ones.

Mostly beaches with light sand are in the south of Bali . The southern peninsula of Bukit and the rest of Bali have a different geological origin. Bukit is more ancient and limestone in its structure. The rest of Bali is more youthful and volcanic. If you are going to Bali from December to March and you plan to swim in the ocean, choose the beaches of the east coast or south of Bali. If you arrive in the dry season from May to September, choose the beaches of the west coast. Lets Check out 10 Most Visited Beaches in Goa

1. Kuta beach

Surfing at Kuta Beach, Bali

Begin your day with breathing in some fresh air by walking at this beach in mornings. It is commonly known to be a distinguished place for surf lessons for beginners. The site has no reef, small waves. The sunset is beautiful. But it is not always possible to observe right here so that the sun sets over the sea – you have to look at the weather.

  • This beach does not have rocks which makes it safe for children to play around and for surfers to enjoy their surfing sessions.
  • There are a lot many options for the foodies to explore as Kuta Beach has a chain of Restaurants along the coastline that offer cheap food and beverages.
  • Do not miss out on taking massage from the local vendors offering good massage and give yourself some time to relax at the beach

Crowd on the Beach:

Sports on Kuta Beach, Bali View Gallery 6 images

However, one of the biggest advantage and disadvantage at Kuta beach is that it is a very busy beach having are a lot of locals and traders offering you various items for sale, massages at cheap prices etc. you cannot normally sit down to relax and have some peace of mind. Be careful about some traders who are making money out of beguiling tourists at the beach. Finally, during the sundown, witness the beach turning into an anthill.

Supplementary Costs.

There is a parking for scooters for 2.000. It ranges from 50 thousand per day. There is a facility for changing, taking shower and restroom on pay and use basis the prices of the same fluctuate according to season.

Places Near by

Kuta is definitely a place for Surfing enthusiasts as it has various Russian schools where in the beginners can enroll and get their lessons. Lack of rocks and corals is an addition to make it a surfing destination. Being a competitive place, you have an upper hand over getting various services like spa/ massages, yoga lessons, scuba diving offers, food and beverages at a very reasonable price.

Safety Tips

1)Swimming/Surfing Safety: Ensure that you stay safe around red and yellow flags only because the waves and currents beyond special flags are unpredictable and can cause trouble in short notice

2)Bandits and Scammers: There may be people trying to beguile you by offering lift on motorbikes etc, but beware about them as they are only using it as a tool to get around. Also, do not leave your belongings at the beach if you have plans of surfing.

3)Pickpocketing: This is a common problem everywhere in the world. In Kuta, on Jalan Legian around the bars when drunk tourists block the sidewalk and give a chance to thieves to make their way out.

2. Nusa Dua Beach

Snorkeling in Nusa Dua Beach, Bali View Gallery 9 images

The beaches in Nusa Dua are gorgeous because of its glittering white sand along the lengthy coastline. The beaches are ideal for a perfect swim and walking.  Water is clean, in storms mixed with sand, but azure. The sea here is deep and is perfect for swimmers of advance level. The shore is kept clean but beware of the algae that keeps flowing with water towards the shore.

Nusa Dua is also known for its famous museum in Bali which is paid a visit by every tourist coming to Nusa Dua.


There is strong influence of tides. At low tide the water goes very far. If you want to swim in low tide – you need to go to the beach opposite the hotel Iodia. From November to March, the beaches of Nusa Dua are the best for a relaxing, comfortable swim. However, for a good sun, sand and surf time- the best time to visit the beach is anytime during May to September.

How to Reach ?

Nusa Dua is in a close proximity to Kuta Beach and can be easily reached in 25-30 minutes. Moreover, it is even easier to reach by air as the International Airport would also be just 25-30 minutes from any hotel at the beach.

Nearby Place

There are two peninsulas in light of which the Nusa Dua region is named. One of them has the famous and impressive Water Blow that has become one of the favorite most visited tourist spot.

3. Seminyak beach

Accommodation here is quite expensive, it is a favorite place to live among European expats. Seminyak Beach is beautiful having a stretch of dark golden sand mesmerizing sunsets.  It is wide and spacious attracting a number of beach goers and vagabond surfers. To your facility,  there are also beach chairs with umbrellas provided on the beach which makes it very convenient for anybody to sit and laze at the beach for longer hours. Surfboard rentals are also available near the beach but are a little costlier than those available at Kuta Beach.

Seminyak Beach, Bali View Gallery 4 images

Seminyak has beautiful beaches – long, wide, sunny, sandy, well-equipped. And the farther the strip goes from Kuta, the less crowded beach which is also a plus point for tourists, given the overcrowding of the same Kuta or Legian . Officially, the resort has two beaches, although it really won’t be possible to find their borders – this is Double Six and Petitenget

Double Six Beach is the most popular beach in Seminyak and is located on the West Coast of Bali. All those looking for a peppy atmosphere must stay at this beach. Along the surf line there are a lot of cafes and shops so do not miss to find a sun lounger for yourself and get some Balinese massage while you enjoy the view of Double Six beach.

Petitenget Beach is located in the North coast. Here, families with children will definitely not like it, but surfers will be delighted – waves on Petitenget are necessary. Unlike Kuta beach, this beach is calmer and has nothing much to offer but only peace of mind. However, keeping in mind the trending phase, transformation is still under process.

4. Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach and the Jimbaran bay are small isolated areas located on the Southwestern coast of Bali. The serenity you will find there is all that you need on your break from a stressful life. This beach stretches up to 5 km and is perfect for a walk or some beach games.

girl at jimbaran beach, bali View Gallery 5 images

Water in calm and weather is pleasant here. If you are a sea food lover, then Jimbaran is the right beach as it is famous for its beachfront sea food restaurants serving fresh seafood grills and local cuisine here. Being a secluded and small Beach, Jimbaran has luxurious resorts that have direct access to beachfront thus giving you an exotic feeling right from your room too.

Place Nearby Jimbaran beach

Jimbaran Beach being famous for its fish restaurants and seafood market. There are few restaurants along the beach side where you must try their famous dishes. At the central point of the restaurants is to recommend Lia Cafe. In the southern point of the beach there is Pandan Sari, Intan Sari Café and Nyoman Café.The southern part of the beach is also called Muay Beach (Pantai Muaya). And north – Kdonganan beach (Kedonganan).

Apart from food, Jimbaran has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping. There are various boutiques, jewelry shops etc on the streets, while there is a traditional market in the heart of the village.

For Nightlife in Goa, there are a few options available starting from Kecak Fire dance to a lavish Rock bar famous for its exceptional beauty during sunset attracting tourists from all over the world only for this reason and its signature cocktails.

5. The Blue Lagoon Beach

Snorkeling - blue lagoon beach, bali View Gallery 11 images

The Blue Lagoon Beach is the smallest beach of Bali having its coastline stretched to about 100 meters. The beach lies to the East of Bali and is bordered by the green and rocky hills, thus giving it a picturesque view. The bay remains idle throughout the year and it is suggested to swim only when the tides are high. Blue Lagoon Beach is located next to the Blue Lagoon dive site. This is a beautiful dive site accessible to both beginners and advanced divers.
If you want to swim, snorkel, lie all day on the beach, it is better to go to White sand beach (Virgin Beach), to Amed or Crystal Bay on Nusa Penida. They are better suited for relaxation and swimming. You may be lucky enough to cite some large Napoleon Wrasse, Reef shark, Squids and Octopuses.

How is Water & Sand ?

The Blue Lagoon beach is one of the best sites for snorkeling and diving, but beware of the waves. However, the reef starts right off the coast and if you sail a little further you can see some giant corals and a large variety of aquatic life that may leave you mesmerized. You can see clown fish, angelfish. Moray eels and sea krayt. For just a swim, you can go into the water on the left side of the lagoon.

  • White sand with a light black patina on top. The beach is made of volcanic sand, sometimes black, but the shore is good, the shoal is very long, the depth starts 30-70 meters from the shore.
  • After storms, the water is cloudy and nothing is visible. In strong waves entering the water in the boulders, the waves knock down – you can earn abrasions.
  • Less Crowded.

Entrance fee is IDR 5,000per person. Parking charge for cars IDR 5.000. For parking a bike – 2.000 IDR. You also have to pay 5.000 IDR to drive through the village.

Facility on Beach & Place nearby

Sun beds there, cafe. Cafe is not particularly clean. You can also rent fins and masks, but a little expensive. There is the port of Padang Bai.


Place is Safe enough. It is better to leave things under supervision, because monkeys run around and can drag off everything.

6.  Sanur Beach

Beach of Sanur in bali View Gallery 6 images

Sanur beach, formerly known as Bali’s earliest Beach Resort, features an exquisite coastal atmosphere. If you are a beach bum, this beach is going to be on the top of your list. Sanur Beach maintains its heritage in arts and culture that attracts tourists from all over the globe.

Starting from the East, Sanur Beach has a wide range of hotels from pocket friendly to luxurious hotels. It is like a home away from home with friendly people around always up for any help. Some famous hotels are Klumpu Bali Resort, The Pavilions Bali.

One of the activities that you can do in Sanur is Sea walking. There are many operators that provide safe and sound sea walking to view the beautiful under water life. Also, do not miss to find out the hidden treasure, i.e the Le Mayeur Museum that depicts the artworks of artist Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres.

Place Near By:

The Sanur Beach is one of the major beach resort areas which is why it has a large collection of Beachfront Restaurants, Places for Nightlife, shopping markets etc. Some restaurants you must check out are Café Batu Jimbar, Three Monkeys Sanur Char Ming etc.

7. Lovina Beach

Dolphins at Lovina Beach, Bali View Gallery 4 images

Lovina Beach is a quite smaller beach compared to other popular beaches like Kuta,  Legian and Seminyak. It stretches only two kilometers east to west with a small area in the Kalibukbuk village as its focal point. It is very calm beach as its name is. There are almost no waves. In general, swimming is safe. This beach is commonly known for Dolphins and several other species. Most of the tourists come here only to watch dolphins.

Lovina Beach’s sunrises and sunsets are exciting and the best time to sight dolphins. You can easily book a trip for yourself with local fishermen boats anchored at the shore. Keep your cameras ready as these twirling beauties vanish into the sheer waters in a blink of an eye.

Place nearby Beach:

Near the beach there are many cafes, restaurants, shops with beach wear and souvenirs. Most common attractions near this beach are the Banjar Hot Springs and the Bramha Vihara Arama Buddhist temple. Both the places have got its own importance both for locals and tourists. Do not miss bathing in the pools of hot springs under its dragon water spouts.


  • Easy entry to the beach.
  • Not Much Crowded. Local come to the beach closer to sunset.
  • Cheap Accommodation if you walk around the beach side.

8. Dream Beach

Dream Beach - Bali (Lembongan ) View Gallery 6 images

This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Lembongan having a stretch of beautiful white sand on the southwestern coast. Dream Beach certainly justifies its magical name. This charming place with a relaxing atmosphere is ideal for a relaxing holiday. The Dream beach offers a landscape of low lying limestone cliffs and rock formations. Get a chance to enjoy the scenic views from the edge of the cliff. The beach is complemented by the cozy Pandan café- that has a cliff top pool and loungers located opposite the beach. The beach is ideal for diving and snorkeling. Cosmetic algae farming is developed in this area. Other Popular Beaches on this Lembongan island are – Mushroom Beach, Tamarind beach, Song lambung Beach.

Near Dream Beach there are a few that offer the most beautiful view from the room and budget friendly guesthouses within walking distance from the beach.

How to get there ?

You can get to the island from Bali from the port of Sanur in the following ways:

  • On a boat ( public boat) from the port of Sanur (travel time is 1.5 hours, price is 100,000 IDR.)
  • By speed boat (Public Speed ​​Boa t) – departs in the port opposite the Ananda beach hotel. Travel time is only 25 minutes. You can buy tickets at the box office at the end of Hang Tuah Street. Price one way 175,000 IDR. Rs (no transfer). Price 200 000 IDR. Rs one way and 350,000 IDR. roundtrip with transfer from Sanur, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Seminyak
  • Perama Transport Company (Perama). The boat leaves daily at 10:30. The trip takes about 90 minutes at one end only. Peram’s office can be found in Warung Pojok on Jalan Hangtuah Street. Price – 100 000 IDR. per person

9. Broken Beach

Broken Beach located on Nusa Penida island is one of the most amazing places in Bali. It is a non-bathing beach surrounded by cliffs, where water flows back and forth through a natural archway in stone.

Road - Broken Beach, Bali View Gallery 6 images

Broken Beach is located in the western part of the island of Nusa Penida. The journey to Broken Beach is an adventurous ride because most of its pathways are rocky and unpaved. Motorbikes are a common mode of transport used to reach the Broken Beach. The journey is for about 2 hours from the main harbor area in Nusa Penida. Upon reaching the beach, you will be left spellbound after seeing the sweeping seascape.

Do not miss the opportunity to see some more unique coastal features like the gorgeous Angel’s Billabong. On this beach you cannot swim, but you can definitely sit back with your partner and buy some light snacks and refreshments from local vendors. You can walk around the beach on top of the surrounding cliffs. Near the beach there are small varungs where you can drink coffee or coconut water.

10. Balangan Beach

A picturesque beach spread about 700 meters long. Surrounded by beautiful cliffs that offer panoramic views. Balangan beach- also known as Pantai Balagan is a popular surf spot. The place is ideal for photography because of its scenic and exquisite half-kilometer stretch of golden sand neighbored by vegetated limestone cliffs. This beach never fails to give you breathtaking views at the sunset and sunrise.

Bali - Belangan Beach View Gallery 5 images

Swimming in Balangan is very difficult and not advisable because of the reef. Hence, for all non-surfers it is advisable to rent parasol-shaded beach beds or just bury themselves in the soft sand and enjoy the amazing views nature has got to offer.

During low tides, the reef around mighty limestone cliffs expose some dramatic views of seaweed covered rock formations and pools. Accommodation at Balagan beach is not as costly as Jimbaran Beach. Thus, making it a pocket friendly beach for all.

How to Reach

Getting to the beach is effortless. There is parking both in the south and in the northern part of the beach. But it is better not to move down to the beach. You can park your car or motorcycle by paying parking fees from IDR 2,000 and 5,000.

Crowd on the Beach
This beach is often visited by wedding and species photographers. From the cliffs above the beach offers a great view of the sunset, golden stretch of sand meeting the blue vast ocean. Not only photographers, but all beauty admirers will fall in love with the panoramic views of the Balagan beach from the cliff.


  • Entrance to the beach is free.
  • For accommodation purpose, you can check out Balagan Garden Bunglow and the Balagan cottage which is known for its rustic features and modern amenities.

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