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Explore 5 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Yoga Teacher Training in Bali is an altogether different ball game. The participants might not necessarily enroll with the intention of becoming teachers in the future, but just follow their natural instincts and are inspired to gain deeper knowledge. In Bali, Yoga teacher training is all about discovering those ancient tools and applying them to our daily life. The teachers here are a mix of Indian and western origin. Their knowledge is such that students are subject to an in-depth understanding of the principles of yoga and meditation, along with well-planned practical schedule meant for students not only to self-benefit but also bring about a change in the society they live in.

The foundation of yoga teacher training is gaining an understanding of the history and philosophy of yoga. The truth lies in learning the poses correctly so as to perform the Asanas for physical benefits. Another important aspect is understanding the yoga alignment, followed by sequencing where you learn about effective sequences for the purpose of health benefits. The programme also acquaints you on how to deal with injuries and specific diseases. There is also scope for adjustments and practice teaching while you are also given an understanding of the physical & energetic anatomy and taught basic pranayama which comprises of breathing techniques for stress.

Why Choose Bali for Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga can best be learned if the ambiance and the teacher training event is in sync. This not only allows the student to comprehend what is being transmitted across but also permits him/her to imbibe the good knowledge in a friendly medium. That apart, Thailand is a land of natural beauty, surrounded by serene waters and swaying palms and also blessed with an abundance of natural biodiversity. Various Yoga schools are located on islands that are surrounded by natural environ – a perfect setting to learn while also holidaying in Bali-Thailand. It can’t get better than this.

It’s Standard that Yoga Teacher Trainings in Bali are conducted under the able supervision of highly qualified and experienced teachers of international repute. This country is renowned for the teachings by Larry Schultz, the legendary inventor of Rocket Style Yoga. That was back in 2009 when David Lertsin organized his first yoga teacher training in Thailand and since that event, over a 1000 students from across the globe have passed out as certified yoga trainers at affordable rates.

Another important aspect of choosing Bali is that Yoga training is personalized at various schools operating here. One-to-one attention is possible because the batch size does not exceed 25 and the schools do not endorse in overcrowding. This policy promotes the effective dissemination of knowledge and builds a friendly rapport between the student and his teacher. Also, most schools are globally connected and have affiliate locations in the US, UK, and India (Goa) as well. Astonishingly there are 145 Vegetarian Yoga Retreats in Bali and 44 top Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, which offers a huge choice to aspirants.

Top 5 Yoga Teacher Training in Bali in 2019

1. Yoga Barn

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It is a multi-utility Yoga center located in Ubud, Bali that offers a host of services like teacher training, Yoga classes, Meditation, Philosophy, Breathwork, Sound, Reiki or Astrology. The high point of this center is that it is open 360 days a year from morning 7 am tonight at 9 pm. The programmes could vary from a two-week session covering a variety of topics while YTT courses could be of 100hr, 200hr, and 300hr.

The upcoming courses on offer are:

Yoga 200hr Teacher Training from May 5-27, 2019: This course is conducted by Daniela Garza and Carlos Romero and will cover Hatha, Vinyasa & Elements of Yin Yoga. Cost: Standard Rate $3,750 USD. – More updated details check yogabarn

Routes of Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Programmes conducted by Daphne Charles and Anton Jager will be held from June 2– 25; & August 1–24, 2019. Regular price $3000 USD.

2. Yoga Nisarga

Yoga Nisarga is one of the renowned Yoga School in India based in Ashvem-Mandrem in North Goa since 2013. Sandip Chaugule alias Swami Chaitanya Hari is the Founder & Director of Yoga Nisarga the pioneer behind the origin of this center. He is a self-made persona and has taken to yoga since age six by walking in the steps of his elder brother Yogi Abhay.

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The center promotes two styles of yoga. The Ashtanga Yoga (Mysore Style) is practiced in the morning hours from 8:30-10:00 while in the evening the Hatha Yoga or the Traditional Style is taught from 4:30-6:00. This center offers drop-in yoga classes for the above two forms. Rates may vary but each session costs Rs 450. The Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow teacher training programme is chalked out for yoga aspirants whose goal is to become a yoga teacher. At Yoga Nisarga there is a team of gifted teachers who will ensure that you go through the course with the right confidence and knowledge to become successful Yoga teachers and practitioners.

Yoga Nisarga is promoting the 200 Hours Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor Courses in Bali for 2019 – 2020 season. The dates are -05th August to 29th August 2019 and 03rd September to 27th September 2019.

Cost:    €1900 (tuition fee), accommodation and food not included; €4000 (residential) Includes meals and refreshments; €4600 (Deluxe Residential) for more check details.

3. Zuna yoga

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The Zuna Yoga is a popular training destination in Bali with two locations in Ubud and Canggu. The 500hr, 300hr and 200hr certification courses (Yoga Alliance approved) are popular here and more known for the Vinyasa teacher training. 200hr and 500hr training programmes are well developed and recommended for participation. The course guides at Zuna are masters of their field. Everett Newell (ERYT 500) and Katherine Girling (ERYT 500) oversee the programmes. Zuna which means “to thrive” in Sanskrit follows a systematic approach and applies the sense of timeless yogic traditions to modern living only intended at improving the quality of life.

Upcoming Courses

  • 200 Hour Certification Course (Jun 8 – 29, 2019) at Samadi Bali, Canggu Bali. All-inclusive from $4,150 USD
  • 200 Hour Certification Course (August 4 – 25, 2019) at The Shala Ubud, Ubud Bali. All-inclusive from $4,650 USD.
  • 200 Hour Certification Course (Nov 9 – 30, 2019): The Shala Ubud, Ubud Bali, All-inclusive from $4,650 USD.

4. Blooming Lotus

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Blossoming Lotus Yoga offers a chance to encounter the most extraordinary, reasonable and private Bali yoga teacher training courses that Ubud brings to the table. There are various instructional classes and yoga retreats also on offer.

Tune in to the sweet sounding of birds and animals and the streaming waters and be caught up in the amazing perspectives of Bali’s wilderness and yoga retreats that focus on transforming your life. With a team of talented and very gifted Yoga instructors educating from their souls you will surely get submerged into the enchantment and puzzle of Yoga.

Courses: The 200 hr Bali Yoga Instructor Certification Training offers, a caring environ for a maximum of 26 students. This course is one of the most affordable YTT in the world where the fundamentals of Yoga Asana is covered. The prime focus remains on Hatha and Vinyasa Flow while the students explore the Yin and Restorative styles as well.

The upcoming 200Hr YTT is scheduled from Aug15 to Sept 9, 2019, over 26 days. Cost: The entire course will cost $4136 USD of which $2500 is towards tuitions while Accommodation/Food is pegged at $1636. – Website: blooming lotus yoga

5. Yoga Bliss

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Yoga Bliss is a very young retreat center that started in April 2016. It is internationally recognized and caters to individual and group needs for retreats, teacher training programmes, and workshops. This place is born out of a collaboration of international yoga teachers and locals experts who worked with a common motto to develop yoga practice and spirituality so that people could discover a new dimension to their lives.

This led to the creation of Yoga Bliss Lembongan Shala- a union of Yoga Bliss and Green Garden which is located behind the Green Garden Restaurant. The place offers daily drop-in classes throughout the year.

Yoga Bliss gives it back to society by reinvesting 6% of its income from Teacher Training Courses and Yoga Retreats into various projects that help the local community and aids in the protection of the natural environment of Nusa Lembongan. Yoga Bliss’ headquarters is located on Nusa Lembongan Island which is at a half-hour boat ride from Bali.


  • 200 hour Yoga Certification Course- this is the first step towards becoming a certified yoga teacher where a deeper understanding of Vinyasa & Yin TTC or Yin & Yang styles training is provided.
  • 300 hour Yoga Certification Courses – open to those students who have already gone past the previous level of 200-hour YTT. Students can also apply for their RYT 500 advanced certification once they complete the 300-hour course.

Drop-in class: 100 000 Rp; 5 classes card 400 000 Rp; 10 classes card 700 000 Rp; 1 week unlimited 700 000 Rp; 1 month unlimited 1 500 000 Rp Website: Yoga Bliss


There is no doubt that Bali is a great destination to unwind and learn some yoga by enrolling for the teachers training course. The scenic beauty, the magnificent ambiance of the rich bio-diversity and the turquoise waters makes Bali an ideal destination for holidaying and some great yoga retreat. Give it a try and find yourself transforming into a world that is better and beautiful.

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